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Year 1


Welcome back to the Summer Term! We do hope you have a had a lovely Easter break and are refreshed and ready to begin another term.

This term we welcome Miss Lewis, our associate teacher, who is going to be teaching the children for part of the term. You may have already seen Miss Lewis in school and the children are already very familiar with her. She is really looking forward to getting started and will be covering many of the subjects taught across the curriculum. 

This term we will begin a weekly spelling test with the children, This is designed to support the children's knowledge of the key words they need to know by the end of Year One. Spelling Books will be sent home on Mondays and the children will have a little informal test the following Monday to see how they have got on.        

This page has information about our current topic, PE lessons, reading and homework. It will also update with images of what we have been doing and the experiences we have had in school. 

Please do always feel free to come in and speak to either of us if you have any concerns or questions about anything. The door is always open. 

Mrs Taylor Wattam and Mrs Barrow

New topic for summer term...


This term we are going to be learning about the different journeys we make in our lives and the different journeys important historical figures have made. We will also look at the journey of a seed in Science and look at the life cycle of a sunflower seed. We will be making journeys around our local environment and learning about where we live and will hopefully experience a nature trail and some orienteering too. So much to look forward to! 

In English we will begin by writing some journey poetry using a book called Journey by Aaron Becker. Children will think about some of the items they would take with them on a journey and how they might be used. After that, children will be writing stories based on the text The Lion Inside by Jim Field. We will learn the text through story mapping and focus closely on the many examples of plurals, suffixes and prefixes that appear in the text. Children wlll then learn how to use them in their own writing.   

In maths, children will be working on weight and volume, multiplication and divsion, fractions, money and time. 

In Science, children will be learning how to identify different plants and trees on their nature walk around the village. They will also be learning how to label the key parts of a plant and growing their own bean plants from seed, observing the growth of stem, roots and leaves through a clear CD case. Children will be growing plants and vegetables on the school grounds and learning how to take care of them daily, 

In Geography, children will be learning to identify the differences between human and physical features and comparing Little Leigh to a non- European city and looking at some of the human and physical features. They will be going for a walk around the village and will stop at a farm, thinking carefully about how important farming is within the Little Leigh community, 

In History, children will be looking in great detail at the journeys made by some very important historical figures. Initially we will be looking at Neil Armstrong's journey to the moon and will then compare this to the journey made by Christopher Columbus on the Cutty Sark. After that we will move on to Florence Nightingale and compare her journey with the journey made by Edith Cavell. Both nurses who believed in providing the very best care for all soldiers and made long journeys to fulfill their dreams.    

In Art, children will look into the life and works of Van Gogh, paying particular attention to his painting, Starry Night. We will also look at designing and making our own vehicle too. 

In Music, children will be using the percussive instruments to create pieces of music to document a journey. We will be listening to Debussy's Clare de Lune.  

What an exciting topic we have planned, 

Let's get started!

Mrs Taylor Wattam and Mrs Barrow :-) 


Children are given homework on Fridays and this alternates weekly between English and Maths.  We ask that all homework is returned by the following Thursday so that it can be marked in preparation for the following week. Children will also be given learning logs once a term and children have 2 weeks to complete these. 

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PE lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit with them throughout the week in case of any changes to the timetable. 


The teaching of reading in Year One is done through guided reading sessions. Each child will receive a guided read with a teacher during the week. You will be able to read about this in the reading diary, where a little comment will be left. It is during this session that the children will be encouraged to change their own reading books. They are, of course, welcome to do this at any point during the week. The other sessions during the week will focus on word building, phonics and comprehension tasks to build skills linked to the understanding of the text. 

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