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Welcome to a new and exciting term in Class 2!!

Image result for Autumn TermYour wonderful children are settling in to their new classroom and routines so well!  We have already learnt lots about our new topic; they have arrived as real experts and have obviously been investigating lots during their holidays.  Many thanks for the wonderful photographs that you have sent into class to help the children write about their adventures in the holidays.  It looks like you have had lots of fun!!

On this page you will find lots of information, events and news about the class, our topics and most importantly the wonderful work we produce! You will also find important information about our daily routines, homework and dates for your diaries. 

If you have any concerns, questions or worries please feel free to pop in and see me, either before or after school or you can leave a message via email, phone or in the class message book located in the school office. My door is always open.

Warmest Regards,

Mrs King

Please click here to view this year's curriculum map!

Our New Topic for the Autumn Term is...

                           Pirates!!! Arrrhhh!!

Image result for pirate emoji


Be prepared for your child to slip into pirate talk every so often or break into a pirate's sea shanty!  We are already having a lot of fun with our introduction into this topic. 

In English, we will be transported into the life and skulduggery of a pirate's life through some wonderful texts which the children will then use as inspiration for their own pirate adventures!! 

Image result for The night pirates

In Maths, our main focus will be place value and addition and subtraction but I am sure we will be able to include some pirate maths too!!  Image result for pirate mathsOur topic will be mainly geography based, where we will track the oceans that the pirates sailed on. We will explore the continents and oceans of the world where pirates may have plundered.  We will also look at a local study of our village.  Who knows...pirates may have buried treasure in our own village!

Image result for pirates sailing around the world animated

In Art and DT, we will sketch pirate images, draw pirate self-portraits, make and taste pirate food and design pirate ships and weapons!

In PE, our focus will be mainly throwing and catching skills which will be taught with a cross-curricular theme.  Warm up games will include pirate games and even pirate yoga!!

Image result for pirate yoga posesIn Science, we will be looking at materials where we will investigate the best materials pirates would have used for their adventures.

Image result for pirate science


Computing will mainly focus staying safe on the internet and also coding and programming.  We will investigate how to programme the journeys of pirates.

Image result for pirate programming for kids computing

I am really looking forward to learning alongside the children!



Who is our secret author?!!

Clue  He wrote lots of stories about a famous bear!!:  Image result for aa milneIf you think you know who our author is, let me know.  It could be worth some pond points!!



Embedded Calendar


During the week, all children take part in guided reading sessions both as a whole class and individually. Within these sessions we read a variety of extracts and chapters from stories. These sessions aim to develop word recognition, inference skills, comprehension of texts and fluency/understanding of the texts we read. 

There are also opportunities for the children to develop their love of reading during quiet reading sessions

In KS1 we strongly encourage parents/guardians to read at least 3 times a week and record a short comment in thier child''s reading diary about that reading session.


In Year Two our PE sessions are on a Monday afternoon, and also on a Thursday morning. Our focus will be on catching and throwing skills this term.

Although our sessions are scheduled for these days, it is not uncommon for those to change due to other events in school so it is vital that all children have their kits in school on Monday and remain in school until the weekend. 

During the winter months, it is advisable for the children to bring warm clothes such as tracksuit bottoms as sessions will continue outside where possible.


Homework is given on a two weekly rota. One week, English is sent home and the following week, Maths is sent home. It is given on a Friday and due in the following Friday. Please try to ensure that homework is brought in by the due date so it can be checked and prepared for the following week.

Learning Logs are sent home each half term.

Spellings are sent home weekly on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

If you have any issues regarding the homework set then please contact me via the message book or at the door and I will do my best to resolve the issue

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