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Welcome to Class 2!

A big, warm welcome to the Year 2 class page! On here you will find lots of information, events and news about the class, our topics and most importantly the wonderful work we produce! You will also find important information about our daily routines, homework and dates for your diaries.

If you have concerns, questions or worries please feel free to pop in and see me, either before or after school or you can leave a message via email, phone or in the class message book located in the school office.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Natanya O'Hara and Mrs Joanne Proctor

Class Two Teachers

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Class Author: Roald Dahl

Class Story - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Spring Term 2017

'Inventors and Inventions'

I am delighted to announce that during the Spring Term the children will be learning all about 'Inventors and Inventions'. Throughout this topic there will be plenty of opportunities for cross-curricular learning. We will find out about the life and times of The Wright Brothers and how their invention of the airplane kick started a whole new world of travel.


Our learning in English will cover aspects of poetry, story writing in both familiar and fantasy settings as well as, non-fiction writing focusing on non-chronological reports and instructional writing. The children will focus on the features of these texts, including both the language and presentational features. As always, we will use a wide range of texts and authors to inspire our writing. 


Maths learning will focus on a number of tricky concepts such a money and time. We will continue to ensure that we develop our mastery and greater depth skills in our Maths learning through practical application and reasoning opportunities. 

Recall of multiplication facts continues to be a key skill that the children will develop throughout the year and we will start as we mean to go on by focusing on this area of learning through regular and lively practice!


Finding out facts and plotting timelines of events will begin our learning within this exciting topic. We have a wide range of sources of information that will enable us to research this topic in depth. The children will use all of their knowledge to help them create informative pieces of writing around the topic. There will also be in-depth learning around inventors and inventions throughout the ages, focusing particularly on some more modern day inventions such as the internet and the enigma code. 


Geography learning links in well with the learning in this topic. The children will move  on from finding out about the Geography of Britain during the last topic to looking a little further a field at the oceans and continents around the world. This a fantastic opportunity to develop their knowledge of the wider world around them.


This area of learning links well with the focus of our topic. Children will learn about scientists through the ages and look specifically at the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. This will touch upon the topic of sound but will lend itself well to practical experiments. The children will also be creating paper airplanes and testing out distances on how far they travel, incorporating our Maths skills.

Art and Design

During the term the children will look closely at the work of LS Lowry and create portraits of both Oliver and Wilbur Wright in his style. The children will also be able to design and build their own wooden airplanes for display. I am sure that they will all produce stunning artwork, as always!


The children have two P.E sessions each week; one on a Monday and one on a Friday. We recommend kits are brought in a Monday and taken back on a Friday.

Children should have both an indoor and outdoor kit in case of inclement weather during the colder months.

Hair should tied back and all jewellery, including earrings, must be removed for P.E.


Children receive one Guided Reading session with the teacher every week. In addition to this, they have three follow up sessions which are linked to their text. The aim of these sessions is to check their understanding of what they have read so far.

Reading Diaries will be collected in once per week on a Thursday to communicate with parents. Teacher comments will be stuck into the reading diaries to reflect the learning from the guided reading session that week.

Children are advised to change their reading book at least weekly, however please feel free to speak to me at the end of the school day if there are any concerns about book choice!

Outside of school, we ask that children are read with 3 times a week. If you would like any extra support in how to get the most out of reading with your child, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me. My door is always open!


Children in Year 2 receive the following homework:

English (on a fortnightly rotation)

Maths (on a fortnightly rotation)

Spellings (on a weekly basis)

High Frequency Words - the children will practice the first 100 and next 200 words in school. However, if you would like a copy for yourself of these words please let me know and you can practice these at home.

Learning Log (on a half term basis)

Times Tables - please work with your child on learning their times tables. In Year 2 we focus on 2, 3, 5 and 10.  If you need any ideas on resources or materials, please feel free to ask.

All homework should be handed on time unless otherwise agreed with the class teacher.

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