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Welcome to Year 4!



Welcome to the final Summer Term! I really do hope you have all had a lovely half term holiday...the weather has been amazing and I'm sure you've been able to enjoy the outdoors a little! I really can't believe this our final half term together - even after a little bit of a rollercoaster year, I will be really sad for the year to end.

Parents, if at any time you wish to see me, feel free to send a message in through the @admin email or log onto DB primary and email me there. I check the platform on a daily basis and will do my best to respond within 24 hours. 

I shall be documenting our learning using the school Twitter account, @LittleLeighSch, so please make sure you are following us to see all of our wonderful experiences! 


Thanks again for all of your continued support. Lets get Summer started!  

Mrs Proctor

Welcome to our theme of...

Why do some natural disasters cause more damage than others?

Children will learn about the structure of the Earth and how it is divided into four major components. They will acknowledge the theory of tectonic plates and the impact this has on natural disasters. Children will use their map skills to locate the Pacific Ring of Fire where 90% of the world’s earthquakes are and three quarters of the dormant and active volcanoes are located. We will look at the human activity that causes earthquakes such as mining, damming and fracking. Children will look closely at volcanoes – how volcanoes are formed, what happens during an eruption and why people choose to live in danger zones.

As Readers, the children will be looking closely at an array of books linked to our Geography theme, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. 

As Writers, we will be using the wonderful text, Manfish to create our own invention narrative. Before Jacques Cousteau became an internationally known oceanographer and champion of the seas, he was a curious little boy. In this lovely biography, poetic text and gorgeous paintings combine to create a portrait of Jacques Cousteau that is as magical as it is inspiring.


Children are set the following homework in Year 4: 

Spellings (on a weekly basis set on Spelling Shed)

Times Tables - (on a weekly basis set on TT Rocks)

I do check the accounts on a weekly basis and encourage the children to take responsibility to log on to complete their homework. 

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The children have two P.E sessions each week; one on a Wednesday and one on a Friday. Children are to come into school in their PE kits for the day - please make sure this is suitable for all weather. We will be going out as much as possible...in all weather!

Girls with long hair should tie it back and all jewellery, including earings, must be removed for P.E, or covered with tape (we cannot provide or apply this)

Forest Schools is also on every other Thursday. Children are to come onto school in suitable clothing. Please make sure that children bring in wellies to get changed into as our carpet is looking very muddy at the moment!

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Outside of school, we ask that children are read with 3 times a week. They will have a book in school to read of their pleasing, and one at home to read with you. I cannot stress the importance of your child reading at home with you as much as possible. Even listening to an adult read has such a huge impact on children's development. 


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