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Year 5

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to the new academic year! I hope you're all looking forward to it as much as I am. 

We have a brand new topic: Natural Disasters. I know that everyone in our class will find the topic fascinating and engaging as there is so much to get our teeth into! There is something for everyone. I believe the topic will provide the children with opportunities to produce outstanding writing, develop research skills and create beautiful art work. Below is just a snapshot of what we will be learning about.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Coleclough

Please click here to view this year's curriculum map!


natural disasters


Obviously, this term will be absolutely chock-a-block with Geography work!  We will be looking at the social, economic and environmental impacts that have been affected by natural disasters. Children will describe the physical processes of a natural disaster and discuss its impact on people and the landscape. As well as this we will locate key European countries and countries from the wider world in order to describe where natural disasters have taken place.



Our first English focus will be poetry, and we will be studying poems based around extreme weather. Children will then write their own on a natural disaster theme.

Following this, we will be exploring and writing warning narratives as well as exploring non-fiction texts such as reports, personal diary accounts and letters!

We have various books which we will delve into. Our focus text will be Tsunami by Kimiko Kajikawa.



Our science topic this term is one of my favourites: Forces in Action! We will explore, investigate and link our forces unit of work to our topic. Children will get the opportunity to try and test air resistance using running parachutes and attempt to create their own rescue packs!

Art and Design

For our art this term, we will be honing our water colour skills and sketching skills as we attempt to create our own interpretations of' Katsushika Hokusai's 'The Great Wave'.

As well as this, we will investigate buildings and structures that have been designed to withstand earthquakes. Following this, children will get an oportunity to plan, design and construct their own buildings and bridges in order to test them against an 'earthquake'. 


Times Tables

Please encourage your child to practise their times tables.  Click on the image below to play!

Embedded Calendar


Each week the children take part in a focused guided reading session with the class teacher. We will work together in this session to read extracts of text and develop our deduction and inference skills through specific and targeted questions. A follow-up activity will take place the next day to consolidate the children's learning.

In Key Stage Two, we strongly encourage parents to continue to read with their children regularly (at least 3 times a week) and write comments in the child's reading diary.  I will collect the diaries on Thursdays for marking, and hand them back out on Fridays ready for the weekend.

P.E. Lessons

Two P.E. sessions take place throughout the week in Year 5.  P.E. lessons usually take place on a Monday and Wednesday. However, due to timetabling changes these lessons may alter. Therefore, please ensure that your child brings their P.E. kit with them on Monday morning and they will take them home on Friday afternoon.

During the Winter months, it is advisable that children bring with them warmer clothes for outdoor sessions.

Please ensure that all P.E. clothing is labelled clearly, to ensure that all items are returned to the rightful owner!


Homework is set on a regular basis in Year 5. All children will receive spellings and either an English or maths piece of  homework each week. The homework will outline clearly when the homework has been set and the homework task. Homework, spellings and times tables are handed out every Friday afternoon and are to be returned the following Friday.

Learning log homework is set on a half termly basis. This homework will pose a question for the children to research and answer. The children can present their answer in any form that they wish. If children do create powerpoint presentation, they can be e-mailed to the office onadmin@littleleighprimary.cheshire.sch.uk

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