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Welcome Back and Happy 2017 Everyone!

First of all, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all my lovely Christmas presents - I was overwhelmed with your generosity.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful start to the New Year due to our late return date this January.  The children have all certainly returned to school in good spirits and have been typically enthusiastic about our new topics this term.

Our New Topic for Spring 2017 is Ancient China


This is a fantastic topic as there is so much fascinating information to learn! did you know that China was the source of many great inventions, including paper making, the compass, gunpowder and printing!  We will be learning all about the history of the Shang Dynasty, Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall of China, the history of Chinese dragons, and much, much more!  We will be celebrating Chinese New Year at the end of January with a Chinese banquet, using chopsticks of course! 


Embedded Calendar


As you may be aware, there is a list of words that children in Year 6 are expected to be able to spell;the list consists of many of the words that they have learnt for spelling tests in Years 4, 5 and 6.   I will be sending home this list for your child to learn / revise over the coming weeks and this, along with our key topic words, will form the basis of our weekly spelling tests.

Our Class Author: Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan grew up in Perth and works as an artist, writer and film-maker in Melbourne, best known for illustrated books that deal with social, political and historical subjects through dream-like imagery. The Rabbits, The Red Tree, Tales from Outer Suburbia and the graphic novel The Arrival have been widely translated throughout the world and enjoyed by readers of all ages.

For our English focus text, we will be reading Shaun Tan's 'The Arrival'. This is a beautiful book (it's one of my personal favourites) which tells a story purely through the fabulous illustrations.  We have started the book already and Shaun Tan's amazing artwork has already gripped the children's attention - there is so much to discuss on each and every page!

The novel is about a man who is driven to leave his family behind and journey to a mysterious country.  It is the story of every migrant, refugee and displaced person so it extremely relevant to our world today.  We will be using the text as our inspiration for many genres of writing, including letters, diaries, advertising, poetry and story-writing.

For our Science work we will be investigating light.  We will identify sources of light and revise facts that light travels in straight lines and opaque objects form shadows. The children will learn that in order to  see, light needs to enter the eye. They will investigate light reflection and refraction, how white light made of many colours and the speed of light.

For our art work we will be researching, designing and creating our own Terracotta Warriors, willow patterns and Chinese theatre masks.

As you can see, we have lots of very exciting learning opportunities planned for the term ahead! 

Guided Reading

Each week the children take part in a focused guided reading session with the class teacher. We will work together in this session to read extracts of text and develop our deduction and inference skills through specific and targeted questions. A follow-up activity will take place the next day to consolidate the children's learning. A comment will be written by me and put into the children's new diaries at the end of the school week. In Key Stage Two, we encourage parents to continue to read with their children regularly and write comments in the child's reading diary.  I also encourage the children to write full comments about what they are reading.

P.E. Lessons

Two P.E. sessions take place throughout the week in Year Six.  P.E. lessons usually take place on a Wednesday morning and a Thursday afternoon. However, due to occasional timetable changes these lessons may alter. Therefore, please ensure that your child brings their P.E. kit with them on Monday morning and they will take them home on Friday afternoon.

During the winter months, it is advisable that children bring with them warmer clothes for outdoor sessions.

Please ensure that all P.E. clothing is labelled clearly, to ensure that all items are returned to the rightful owner!


Homework is set on a regular basis in Year Six. All children will receive spellings and either a English or Mathematics homework each week. The homework will outline clearly when the homework has been set and the homework task. Homework and spellings are handed out every Friday afternoon and are to be returned the following Friday.

Learning log homework is set on a half termly basis. This homework will pose a question for the children to research and answer. 

I will ask the children to hand in their new diaries on a Thursday so that I can follow what they've been reading at home.

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