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The Geography curriculum at our school should aim to be fully inclusive for all. As Geographers the children will be inspired and curious about the world in which they live. Our aims of the Geography curriculum are to fulfil the National Curriculum for Geography and should provide our children with knowledge about the diverse people, places, resources and natural and human environments. It will aim to provide a broad and balanced coverage of essential skills and knowledge, progressive understanding and development of Geographical concepts and for all children to develop a love for Geography. As a result of the broad and balanced curriculum coverage, children’s skills should progress through the school, their depth of understanding should develop year upon year.

Teaching should equip pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural/human environments including the study of their local area of Northwich and Cheshire, exploring what makes our locality unique, learning about their heritage and allowing them to develop a strong sense of self. Furthermore, we aim to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them throughout their lives.

The aims of teaching Geography in our school are:

  • To inspire pupils’ curiosity to discover more about their local community and the world.
  • To enable children to develop the skills of interpreting a range of sources of geographical information, including maps, diagrams, globes and aerial photographs.
  • To help children understand how the human and physical features of a place shapes its location and can change over time (with reference to Sustainable Development Goals where possible).
  • To provide ‘real life’, sticky knowledge and skills that can be carried with them throughout their lives.


To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in geography, we implement a curriculum that is progressive and well-thought out throughout the whole school. Each year group has a carefully mapped out Geography curriculum that provides essential opportunities to focus on knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. Each year group’s curriculum provides the core objectives and skills to be covered throughout the year, key enquiry questions to lead learning and opportunities for local study. Teachers use this document to plan suitable Geography lessons that are inspiring, progressive and exciting.

  • The geography curriculum at Little Leigh Primary School is based upon the 2014 Primary National Curriculum in England, which provides a broad framework and outlines the knowledge and skills and taught in each Key Stage.
  • Teachers plan lessons for their class using our progression of knowledge and skills document. The progression document ensures the curriculum is covered and the skills/knowledge taught is progressive from year group to year group.
  • Learning is checked and recapped frequently throughout the year to ensure that knowledge is progressive and children can form links between each phase of learning.
  • Teachers model and demonstrate how to utilise equipment such as compasses and ordinance survey maps with accuracy and children are then given opportunities within their learning to apply and embed those skills.
  • Teaching focuses on enabling and encouraging children to think as Geographers.
  • We provide a variety of opportunities for geography learning inside and outside the classroom.  Educational visits are another opportunity for the teachers to plan for additional geography learning outside the classroom. The children have had many opportunities to experience geography on educational visits; including exploring the local area, orienteering within the school grounds and at Marbury Park. Our Local museums also provide an opportunity to further geography learning, as well as trips to local woods, castles and using map reading skills during residential trips.


Curriculum Content

Each unit taught across school is underpinned by a knowledge organiser, designed to focus the children's learning, making it both purposeful and meaningful, building upon prior learning through a series of 'golden threads.' These are key geographical skills which will progress as the children move through the school providing them with the necessary knowledge and skill base to be successful geographers. 

Trips and Visits

Throughout their school careers, children are provided with a wealth of enrichment opportunities which endeavour to consolidate and deepen their existing geographical learning from the classroom. These opportunities inspire and ignite the childrens natural curiosity for this wonderful subject and the World in which they live. 


Our Wonderful Creations

We believe that creative and quality pieces of work require time and allow the children to express themselves fully. We create fewer pieces, valuing quality over quantity when it comes to the children's geographical learning. This wonderful work can be seen in school through the children's 'Discovery Books' and at the top of this page. Enjoy!


Key Stage One

Key Stage Two

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