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Little Leigh Primary School

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Sport and Physical Education

It is our mission to provide consistent, high-quality Physical Education lessons across the school, in order to improve pupil confidence, enthusiasm, physical literacy and competition.  We want to enable all children at Little Leigh to grow into active, healthy adults who understand the importance and benefits of exercise, sport and personal well-being.

In addition to Physical Education lessons, we strongly believe children should have the opportunity to be physically active across the curriculum. Teachers at Little Leigh Primary School plan and structure lessons that premote active learning. 


We subscribe to the Vale Royal School Sport Partnership (VRSSP). VRSSP organise Level 2 sporting competitions and various sporting festivals. This partnership provides training opportunities and resources for staff.

As a school, we aim to enter as many level 2 sporting competitions as we can, which are organised by VRSSP and other local secondary schools. These events expose children to enjoyable and fair competition. We also aim to hold level 1 sporting competitions on a regular basis, which have a focus on young leadership, respect and fairness. As well as level 1 and 2 competitions, children are encouraged to participate in personal best competitions, where they endeavour to challenge themselves in physical activities set by themselves and peers.

Spirit of the Games Values

Extended School Provision

We understand the importance of offering an array of sport clubs that are fun, challenging and engaging for both KS1 and KS2 children. We offer a range of clubs using Little Leigh staff and some recognised, DBS approved, specialist coaches.


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